STIT Transnational Project Meeting 3, April 2023, Romania

The dates of 18-19 April 2023 marked the interim transnational progress meeting of the two years Erasmus project “Smart Tools for Inclusive Teaching in VET”. Delegates from all five partners took part in the management activities under the coordination of the consortium leader SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA A.FO.RI.S.MA. – ACLI Formazione Ricerca Servizi Management, from Italy. After the welcome words addressed by the Romanian partner BCLIT, all attendees, experts in education started the first session dedicated to the project activities progress.

QZR srl, the partner from Lucca, Toscana proudly presented the online database summarizing more than 120 accessible and inclusive distance teaching practices. These practices have been identified, selected and collected by the STIT consortium, for spreading them beyond the partnership. In addition, willing to ensure the high quality of results, participants in the meeting analysed and defined the review methodology. The next stage will be dedicated to peer-reviewing of the pedagogical practices to ensure the equitable use of technology, and further integrate them in online training courses.

Besides the successful practices, the STIT consortium will to develop an “Online training course for VET staff”. With this course, the VET teachers will be able to conduct inclusive, attractive and empowering learning activities for their VET learners. In this respect, the BCLIT, Romanian partner with expertize in online course design, presented the conceptual model of the educational video. Therefore, the “Online training course for VET staff” will be developed based on the agreed model and will include 10 chapters referring to:

  • Accessibility
  • Legal frameworks
  • Needs and educational solutions for VET students with visual and hearing impairments, as well as with learning difficulties
  • Accessible digital tools and best practice examples

Once created and internally validated by project partners, the online course will be piloted by VET teachers in the partner countries.

Aiming to widespread awareness and knowledge of the educational tools and methods, the AFORISMA, as project leader, presented the communication strategic plan. This plan includes future activities that will be implemented by each partner in own community, country, as well as at EU level. By this approach, all partner contribute to promotion of the project’s results benefitting from their high transferability potential.


Location: Agigea, Constanta, Romania

Date: 18 – 19 April 2023


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