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Providing Digital Solutions for Education

We provide digital teaching solutions for educational organisations including kindergartens, schools, highschools, VET schools, universities, NGOs and SMEs delivering education to youth and adults.

3 Pillars 

Provide learning opportunities for people

Train trainers in digital and entrepreneurial skills

In the local environment, we accelerate interactions between academia, government institutions, industry & civil society (quadruple helix) to create learning opportunities for individuals and development opportunities for organisations (NGOs, schools, universities and entrepreneurs).

What we are good at

Digital tools in training

Erasmus+ opportunities

Our astute & diverse team of professionals can undertake the digital part of educational projects. We build websites, social media accounts, e-learning platforms, forums & blogs. We can pilot our digital tool with diverse target groups of young people, youth workers.

Educational curricula

Our Team Training Club International Mobility Constanta Romania

Using the academic, formal & non-formal education experience of our staff, we design meaningful curricula, teaching methodologies adapted to the young people, youth workers & course materials tailored to the learning preferences of learners.

Education and training

Youth meeting

We develop & adapt instructional design models, course curricula & content, teaching methods, evaluation & recognition tools. We host events, trainings, conferences, panels, seminars, workshops, discussions, offering internships, designing individual career plans.

E-learning platforms

E-learning platforms are web-based services that can be used to share structured learning materials and courses with an unlimited audience.


Massive open online courses

MOOCs are free Web-based distance learning program that is designed for the participation of large numbers of geographically dispersed students.


Webdesign for educational pages

We design, develop & deploy dissemination strategies which achieve their objectives. We adapt our strategies to the needs & particularities of customers and their audience. We extensively use data analytics, social media & search engine optimisation.


What else do we do

Career guidance

Training club Report 2019

We design career guidance & counselling programs that help young people, youth workers acquire the knowledge, skills & experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives & succeed in society. We are able to develop individuals’ competencies in self-knowledge, educational & occupational exploration and career planning through career advice, coaching & mentoring.

Support entrepreneurs

Business Model Canvas

While 9 out of 10 startups fail within one year, we are still in the market because of our social entrepreneurship mindset. This brought us in contact with the education system which we are very close of and which is part of our sustainability ecosystem. Therefore, our projects & activities are based on non-formal education, experiential & intercultural learning, social inclusion & active participation. Based on our experience, we support other social entrepreneurs.

Our Partners

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