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Nowadays technology is present in every facet of life. It has changed not only the way to communicate but, more in general, the way to live, to work, to learn. Students at every level of education present different abilities and needs. Technology must be accessible to each of these students, regardless of special needs, different learning style or demographics.​ In this context, the STIT project focuses on providing means and instruments for an innovative professional development of the VET staff, training it on accessible and inclusive distance teaching practices. In brief, the project provides solutions for teachers: methodology, theoretical concepts and tools, training on design, usage and evaluation of the IT solutions.


Smart Digital Tools for Inclusive Teaching

STIT enhances teachers who need compasses, tools, and environment to operate at their best in the contemporary reality and the students so they can put the world they belong to at the service of their learning, with their skills and practices. Read more about the STIT project!


Survival Toolkit for VET staff

Thanks to the STIT Toolkit, you can try the Flipped Classroom approach and easily design a lesson in four simple steps. Begin by specifying the target age of your class, the overall duration, the chosen topic, and how you intend to make the lesson inclusive. Start planning your lesson now!


Moodle Course

This course aims to improve the accessibility competences of VET staff. The course is made up of pre-recorded webinars and includes interactive moments which maximize the learning impact on the course-taker. Join the course and take your first step in the accessibility world!

STIT events across Europe

Why do I join?

Erasmus+ events are good opportunities to gain new transferable skills and boost your professional career. You will have free access to video courses including interactive moments (i.e. moments of reflections, games, etc.) which will maximize the learning impact on the course taker​.

Erasmus and ESC

Who can join?

The STIT project’s goal is to foster the professional development of VET staff, teachers and trainers and, consequently, to improve accessibility and inclusion in VET digital and distance learning, in particular with students with disabilities and Special Educational Needs.

Our Erasmus events are carefully prepared to give you sufficient arguments to bring innovation in online education. We organize 3 national focus groups and 3 multiplier events, conferences, seminars and workshops throughout the project.

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AI for Inclusion

1 What is Accessibility

2 Accessibility in EU

3 The European Accessibility Act

4 VET Students with Visual Impairments

5 VET Students with Hearing Impairments

6 VET Students with Learning Difficulties

7 VET Students with Neurodiversity

8 Inclusive Learning Paths

9 Inclusive Design

10 Accessibility Best Practice Examples

We share what works!

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Cooperation in European context has many advantages. We invite you to choose those results that are most relevant for you.

Updates on the project’s development, its results and activities, are available on the official website.

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A multi-disciplinary, complementary partnership consisting of six organizations, schools, training centers and NGOs from Italy, Spain and Romania together with 10+ associated partners will work for you. Follow us to find more about our activities.

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STIT Smart Tools for Inclusive Teaching in VET
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