Co-design lab for gamified education

On the 31st of March 2022, the Sparks team set up the guidelines for bringing innovative tools in online Vocational Education and Training. Aiming to provide easy-to-use gamified programs to VET teachers and trainers, the Sparks team used the Conceptual Framework for Gamified E-Learning Programs to design a 5-stage lab in which the participants will explore:

  • Stage 1: Access and motivation – the actions the motivate learners at the beginning of the e-learning experience
  • Stage 2: Online socialization – explore how can learners start to socialize or interact and relate to each other during the learning experience
  • Stage 3: Information exchange – focus on exploring coordination, cooperation and communication between learners
  • Stage 4: Knowledge construction – describe how learners should move throughout the course content and how a reward is received after a number of actions
  • Stage 5: Development –  describe how learners can demonstrate their abilities, how they can apply the gained knowledge, how they can reflect upon their learning progress and how they can demonstrate their achievement.

These guidelines will be used by each partner organization to implement a lab with VET trainers and teachers in order to co-design the Game-Based e-Learning Program Templates.


Location: online lab lead by LASCO

Date: 31st of March 2022​


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