Gamification for VET education

Focus Group was conducted to identity the needs of VET educators and students regarding e-learning and Game-based learning, aiming to determine the needs of teachers and students in VET, especially regarding e-learning and gamification applied to e-learning we organized two focus group activities.

We involved 27 learners and teachers in face to face and online environments to have a real view on what is the current situation of game-based learning in VET from both perspectives and how it can be improved to be more attractive.

The focus group technique offered us the context to gain a deep understanding of what are the challenges educators, trainers and students face in e-learning and how the Sparks platform can improve their situation through gamification.

Challenges: digital tools and platforms, the level of digital skills, user-friendly digital instruments, tutorials, templates


Location: Constanta, Romania

Dates: 16 September and 6 October 2021


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