Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the SPARKS project, was hosted in Caserta, Italy, in the first days of July 2021. Partners of all six organizations, companies and NGOs from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania and Poland started the work of the transnational research “Game-Based Learning: good practices and requirements for digital environments”, through the identification, collection and analysis of national best practices in the field of game-based learning. The research activities will continue with the administration of a survey to a sample of about 250 VET providers and the implementation of focus groups with teachers, trainers and learners in the six countries involved.

Main challenge: identify the game elements that are the key to the successful game-based learning experiences.

Read our press release here: EN | RO

Project partners: LASCO (IT), KEAN (GR), ECOS (TT), CIE (PL), FEMXA (SP), BCLIT (RO)


Location: Caserta, Italy

Date: 1-4 July 2021


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