KISS management technique

For many of us, KISS is the key of love and it is good to remain like this!

On Friday, in Athens, we discovered other meanings of KISS. As management technique Keep-Improve-Start-Stop – or KISS – can be an effective leadership tool to deliver powerful results. We applied KISS method in a highly specialized working environment to identify what to KEEP, IMPROVE, START and STOP doing in our project.

The openly and collaboratively approached, initiated by Dr Nicoleta Acomi, contributed to creation of a genuine sense of purpose and commitment to the overall achievement of the objectives.

  • KEEP – What are we doing well and need to keep doing in order to achieve the objectives?
  • IMPROVE – What are we already doing that could be improved to make us a more efficient team?
  • STOP – What do we need to stop doing? (either because it no longer contributes to the overall objective or is no longer effective)
  • START – What do we need to start doing?

At this stage of the project, we concluded that much effort need to be invested to share the good results with our stakeholders.

We wish you good luck in application of this method! Be careful! It can be dangerous for leaders, particularly for those dealing with potential criticism.

Read our press release here: EN | RO

Project partners: LASCO (IT), KEAN (GR), ECOS (TT), CIE (PL), FEMXA (SP), BCLIT (RO)


Location: Athens, Greece

Date: 1-2 October 2021


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