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Sparks Final Conference, March 2023, Italy

On 28 March the final conference of the Sparks project took place at the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta, Italy. The event started at 2pm and representatives of each partner organisation spoke about digital education.
Delegates from all partner organisations attended:

First, Lascò and the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta had the opening speech, welcoming the participants. Afterwards, project manager Miriam Lanzetta presented the Erasmus+ programme, the Sparks project and the results of the project. The partners presented how they worked during the implementation period and then held two panel discussions. 

Dr Nicoleta Acomi from Bexley C-Level IT participated together with members of the international project teams, policy makers and experts in the VET field in the first panel which focused on “Shaping the future of Gamified Learning in Vocational Education and Training”. The panel represented the space to share ideas, intuitions and opinions about gamification-embedded into online learning in VET, how it can enhance engagement and motivation of students, reduce dropout rates of online courses among demotivated learners and support learners in dealing with disruptions and changes.

The second panel “Digital Education Readiness in Vocational Education and Training: Challenges and Opportunities” reflected on the benefits and experiences of integrating gamification elements into the classroom to improve the accessibility and approach to non-formal education and training.


Location: Caserta, Italy

Date: 28th March 2023


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